Joe's Projects

Hi, I'm Joe Di Febo. I'm currently a software developer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm currently doing full-stack web development. Every once in a while I'll think of something cool to code up and post it here!

You can view my entire Github account at


A program that generates made-up words based on a provided list of actual words. It uses Markov chains to learn which letters are commonly used together, and then it generates new words based on these patterns. By learning from different word lists, the words that it generates can be very different.

Demonic Tutor

Demonic Tutor is a tool used to search through cards for the game Magic: The Gathering. The goal is to have a simple-to-use interface with nearly instant results displayed on the same page. The site is fast because it loads the entire database of cards into memory, avoiding further communication with a server.

US Tax Estimator

A very simple calculator to roughly calculate federal income tax. The library is published on NPM, and it also has a demo that you can play with. Now updated to work for 2017 taxes too!

Java 8 Lambda Expressions

This is a repository that contains several examples of lambda expressions and the Stream API. You can see them in src/

There is also a presentation that covers similar topics. It is designed to take about 1 hour with questions. View it in your browser here.

And finally, I have a modified version of the presentation to allow for audience participation. The participants should load the code into their IDE and implement the methods using material taught in the presentation. This takes 1.5 to 2 hours. View it in your browser here.

JavaScript Regex Interactive Reference

Which strings will a regular expression match? Quickly test various regular expresions against a large list of English words.